Marketing Advice

Need some help to grow your business or to improve your profitability?

Over the last 15 years, we’ve helped more than 240 different Canterbury businesses to increase their turnover and profitability – without them needing to spend a fortune on advertising.

And in most cases they’ve been able to dramatically reduce their overall marketing costs, by using highly-effective ‘Target Marketing’ strategies instead of wasting money on ads that wen’t working.

Some of the things we can help you with:

Using low-cost Target Marketing strategies to attract new clients

Creating Advertising material that actually works

Improving Direct Mail pieces, Brochures or Sales Letters etc

Creating a ‘Unique Business Advantage’ to avoid competing on price

Converting an ‘informational’ website into a ‘lead-generation’ site

Increasing the Number of Transactions with clients to increase profitability

Cross-marketing promotions using another business’s database

Improving Customer Service in order to retain clients long-term

What to do now:

Why not give us a call to arrange a quick chat to tell us  what you are trying to achieve by improving your marketing skills skills.

Just call Eddie now at (03)386 1108 or email us at