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Sales and Marketing Coaching Consulting Christchurch and Canterbury

If you need some help in Christchurch with in-house sales training, marketing advice, business-growth strategies, or to improve your website’s Page Rankings in Google, we’re here to help.

Sales training, marketing coaching and consulting specialist Eddie Gibb
has a lifetime of practical experience in running a successful small business.

After almost 30 years in his previous business, Eddie began Sales and
Marketing consultancy around 15 years ago and has already helped more
than 240 Christchurch business owners to increase their turnover and profitability.

During this time he’s also presented business growth programmes for organisations such as the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce, Development West Coast, NZ Retailers Assoc. as well as Banks and local Accounting firms.

He’s also an Accredited Provider for the Government’s ‘Capability Development Scheme’, which can provide business owners with up to 50% funding towards business development training.
For more information on this funding, call Eddie now on (03) 386 1108

  • Here’s a few business growth areas we can help you with:
  • Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get your website to Page 1
    in Google and dramatically increase your enquiries, leads and of course, profitable sales.
  • Cost-effective on-Line and off-Line Marketing Strategies to win and keep profitable new clients.
  • Customised in-house Sales Training for yourself or your staff.
  •  Practical training in business management skills, including delegation and staff development through creating a self-managing team that improves loyalty and productivity etc.

Consulting Experience
As a sales and marketing consultant in Christchurch, Eddie’s helped a wide variety of clients, including Retailers, Home Builders, Architects, Central Heating Installers,Travel Agents, Farming Engineers, Physiotherapists, Web Developers, Sheet Metalworkers, Clothing Manufacturers, Maintenance Engineers,  Horticultural Distributors, Costume Hire firms, Panel Beaters, Engineering Consultants, Printers, Fitness Centers and Professional Photographers.

Business Growth Presentations:
Eddie’s also given numerous Business Growth presentations for The Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce, Canterbury Development Corporation, Recover Canterbury, Development West Coast, ANZ Bank, Christchurch Press,
NZ Retailers Association, Grow-Mid Canterbury and various Accountancy firms.

*** Coffee Invitation
If you’d like to have a chat about some of the issues that might be affecting your business, contact Eddie on (03) 386 1108 or email focusinfo@xtra.co.nz