Group Workshops

‘The Marketing Matrix’

The only programme that can teach you how to build a long-term profitable business that can run without you – when you want it to.

The key to the success of this programme is that it teaches a step-by-step process for Attracting,
Winning and Keeping PROFITABLE CLIENTS – while you handle the growth without stress.

During these workshops, you’ll develop all the skills you’ll ever need to get consistent profitable growth in your business – and at the pace you are comfortable with.

And unlike most business presentations, the ideas and strategies we teach at this programme have all been used many times before with more than 230 different consulting clients in the REAL business world.

That’s why we absolutely guarantee you’ll be able to use these same strategies to grow your own business – and at a pace you’ll be comfortable with – no matter what business you are in.

Here’s just some of what’s included at these highly-practical Workshops

Focus on Marketing

How to get all the clients you need using strategies that cover  Target Marketing, traditional Advertising,Social Media Advertising, as well ‘Optimising’ your website to make sure it gets ranked ahead of your competitors on Google.

Focus on Sales

How to use a simple, 4-step ‘Consultative Process‘ that consistently wins more Sales without needing to use pressure – or discounting

Focus on Client Retention

How to build ‘Client Loyalty’ to keep your best clients and maintain long-term profitability.

Focus on ‘Coping with Growth

Now that you have a step-by-step process for growing your business, the final step is to make sure you can handle all the growth you want – but without the usual stress.

That’s why during this session you’ll learn simple ways to increase productivity, as well finding, training and keeping great staff so the business can run without you – when you want it to.

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What others have said

“Working with Eddie I learnt how to take a struggling little business to a turnover of more than $450,000 in two years. Quite simply, he has a system that works.”
Barry Flewellyn, Christchurch.


“Eddie showed us a process for winning new customers that resulted in an increase in turnover of approximately 40%, allowing us to employ more staff and move to much larger premises.”

Doug Henderson, Christchurch


“I was amazed at how much I didn’t know about sales and marketing until Eddie started advising our company. But now we’ve got a lead generation system and sales process that blows away anything I’ve ever had before.”

Paul Reed, Paul Reed Homes, Christchurch